Need Suspension Work Done To Your Car? Look For These 4 Signs

A damaged suspension is something that you shouldn't ignore since it can cause a variety of problems with your car that include risking your own safety. If you are wondering if your car is exhibiting some behavior of a suspension that needs repair, look for these 4 signs.   

The Car's Tire Treads Have Become Uneven

If your car's suspension is working properly, then you should have even tread wear across all of your tires. When the suspension is not working in the way it should, you should notice one side of your tires has more wear on the tread than when compared to the opposite side. Replacing the tires will not solve the problem, since brand new tires should wear down in the same pattern.

Have a mechanic look at your suspension to eliminate this as the potential problem, since it could be caused by more pressure on a certain side of your car.  Uneven tread can also be caused by wheels that are not aligned, which is a simple fix.

The Front of Your Car Dips Down When Stopping

A properly working suspension will cause your car to stay even when accelerating and braking. That's why you need to be on the lookout for the car's nose dipping down when stopping. If this problem is ignored, it could get to a point where the nose of your car hits the ground when stopping, which can damage the body.

The Car Will Bounce When Driving

Bumps are normal to experience from time to time, but a suspension in good shape should be providing a very smooth ride for those inside the car. Have you noticed some bigger bounces even when hitting small bumps that are on the street? Have the suspension inspected as the potential cause.

The Car Pulls To The Side When Turning

Your suspension not only helps absorb those bumps in the road, but also helps the car turn smoothly around sharp turns. When you notice the car pulling to the side when making a turn, your suspension is not doing its job. In bigger cars that are higher off the ground, you even run the risk of the car rolling over during a tight turn. Repairing the suspension will help keep the car steady while turning.

These are just a few signs that your car's suspension could be in need of repair. When in doubt, take your car to a local auto shop (such as Foster's Auto Service Inc) to look for damage. They can help diagnose the problem, as well as give you an estimate for the cost of repairs.