Collision Repair: Maximize Your Insurance Claim Amount

If your vehicle has sustained damage in a collision, then you undoubtedly want to have it repaired. As you have probably discovered, collision repair can be expensive, depending on where you go as well as the extent of the damage. Instead of paying for the repair out of pocket, you might be better off filing a claim with your insurance. Here are some tips for maximizing your insurance check:

Gather all the details

You will need to answer specific questions when filing your claim, which helps the insurance agency to determine exactly what happened. Some questions that you will be asked are:

  • Who was driving?
  • What time was it? 
  • Where was the driver going?
  • What exactly happened? Did you hit an animal? Another vehicle? Another object?

The adjuster will ask even more questions, so you should prepare yourself in advance. Think about the accident in detail and take as many notes as possible before filing your initial claim. The more details you're able to provide, the higher your payment could be. If you're able to provide complete and accurate details, then it will be easier for your insurance adjuster to complete your claim so you can receive payment. 

Take high quality pictures

Many insurance companies allow claimants to take photos and videos of the vehicle and the damage and upload it to their website. This saves the insurance company from having to send a representative out to your home to assess the damage in person. However, in order to ensure that you receive a maximum pay-off, you need to ensure that you take high quality photos. The photos need to highlight the full extent of the damage, because if you fail to show proof all the areas that were damaged in the collision, then the insurance company will not include it when giving you a payment amount. 

For the video portion of the claim, you will be required to explain the damage while simultaneously showing it. You need to be as descriptive as possible, ensuring that you leave nothing out, regardless of how trivial it might appear. When recording the video, speak slowly and clearly, and be sure to get some sufficient close-ups of all the areas that were involved in the accident.

Having a vehicle damaged in an accident can be very distressing, especially if the car is relatively new and you're still making payments. However, your vehicle can be repaired, which will enable your car or truck to look like new again. The ability to return your vehicle to its like-new condition will depend on how much money the insurance company grants you, which is why you must file your claim in a thorough and descriptive manner in order to maximize your claim check.