Protect Yourself And Your Car When Your Vehicle Stalls

A stalled vehicle is never a planned scenario. It's not only an event that happens when you least expect it, but it's also something that happens at the most inopportune time. Staying safe should be the first thing on your agenda when you find yourself in this type of predicament. Here are just a handful of tips to keep you and your car safe when your vehicle breaks down until help arrives.

Pull To Safety

If possible, pull your vehicle over to the shoulder of the road. You should be able to shift the vehicle to neutral and coast over to the side of the road. This is an especially critical step if your vehicle stops in a high-traffic area. Not only does moving to the side of the road better ensure your safety, it can also prevent you from receiving a citation.

In many municipalities, if you fail to move a vehicle off the road and it is impeding traffic, you could receive a ticket. If for some reason, you're unable to move the vehicle, turn on your hazards, roll down your window and hang a cloth outside to signal that you need assistance.

Stay In The Vehicle

Always stay inside your vehicle. In terms of safety, your vehicle is going to be the best location for you. If you're in a high traffic area, motorists passing by are more likely to see a large vehicle than they would someone simply standing outside.

If you're in an area that you are not comfortable in, again, inside your vehicle you will be able to lock your doors and stay safely inside until assistance arrives. Never try to stand outside the vehicle and flag someone down, your vehicle is always going to be the safest place.

Don't Be A Mechanic

When your vehicle stops, the first natural thought is to fix the problem. However, if you don't know what the exact cause of the problem is or even how to fix it, such as low fuel or a flat tire, you will likely only make matters worse.

In the end, this will only end up causing you to spend more money to have your vehicle repaired. The best course of action is to simply wait until a tow driver comes to transport your vehicle to a certified mechanic.

Make sure you are practicing safe tips until a tow professional, like one from Parkway Wrecker Service, arrives at the scene to pick up your vehicle.