Three Things To Look For In A Commuter Car

A long commute may be a fact of life, but that doesn't mean you can't make it in style. When shopping for a new commuter car, chances are you are going to naturally look for the best gas mileage or splurge on a new hybrid. But there are other features you should also consider. The following list highlights some new car additions that can make your commute a lot more enjoyable.

#1: Go for the luxury seats

Upgrading to the nicer seats can be well worth it if you spend several hours in traffic a week. Things to look for include correctly positioned armrests or adjustable armrests, multi-point seat adjustment options, and good lower back or lumbar support. If you live in a cold climate, you may want to invest in a seat warmer. Test drive a few different models across a single manufacturer or try out multiple manufacturers to find the one car that meets your comfort requirements.

#2: Check your blind spots

This is vital if traffic is the norm on your commutes. When test driving a vehicle take the time to adjust all the mirrors until they are just right. Then, have someone else, such as the salesperson, walk slowly around the car. The first circuit they make should be close to the car, with the second circuit about two car lengths out. If you can't see them in a mirror or with a quick over the shoulder check, even after making an adjustment, you have a blind spot. It's up to you to decide if the severity of the blind spot is more than you are willing to deal with.

#3: Get modern entertainment options

In today's world, there is no need to go without your favorite tunes, audio books, or podcasts while on the road. Make sure the car you choose is fully equipped to connect with your mobile devices, such as your smartphone. Many new cars are Bluetooth-enabled, which makes it easy to listen to your downloads over the stereo. Satellite radio is another option that could improve your commute-time entertainment. A voice-activated entertainment system, or one controlled by a steering wheel control pad, ensures that you never need to take your eyes off the road. Also, check for power and charging stations. You will want at least two stations upfront so that you can charge your mobile devices while you are on the road.

Contact a dealer in new cars in your area to begin your search for the perfect commuter car.