Kids Turning The Car Into A Dirt-Magnet? 4 Tips For Kid-Proofing Your Car

Kids have a way of making a mess everywhere they go, including your car. If your car hasn't been clean since you started having kids, you don't have to live with the mess. You can have a clean car and still let your kids have fun while you're driving. Here are four simple steps to keep your car clean and your kids happy.

Protect the Seats

Kids need snacks when they're in the car, especially if you're going to be traveling long distances. Unfortunately, cracker crumbs and juice spills can destroy your upholstery. That's where a bathmat comes in handy. Purchase a bathmat that has slip-resistant backing. Place the bathmat on the back seat. The slip-resistant material will prevent the mat from sliding off the seat and will ensure that your child's safety seat stays in place. To clean the mess, all you'll have to do is remove the mats and shake them off. Your kids will be able to enjoy their snacks, and your upholstery will be well-protected.

Dirt-Proof the Kick Space

Kids love to stretch out their legs while they're riding in the car. However, that usually means that their feet kick right up against the back of your seat. If their shoes are dirty, that kick space can be destroyed by those little feet. You can protect the back of your seats by dirt-proofing the kick space. Slip an old t-shirt over each seat – the neck opening will go right over the head support. When the shirt gets dirty, simply take it off and toss it in the washing machine. Your kids will be able to stretch their legs without destroying the back of your seat.

Bring in Some Toy Caddies

If the back seat of your car is filled with toys, you can keep them organized using over-the-door shoe caddies. Hang the caddie over front seats so that the openings are accessible from the back seats. Fill each slot with supplies for your kids. You can even use the slots for things like baby wipes, sippee cups and bottles. Everything you'll need to keep your kids happy will be easily accessible.

Kid-Proof the Cup Holders

Kids have a habit of putting all kinds of sticky things inside the cup holders. After a while, those cup holders can become one big mess. You can make the mess easier to clean up by placing a silicone cupcake liner in each cup holder. You can remove them for easy clean-up each time they get dirty.

You've invested a lot of money in to your car. You don't want it destroyed by the food, juice and scuff-marks your kids leave behind. Use the suggestions provided above to kid-proof your car. You may also want to consider a custom seat cover from Seat Savers Plus Inc. or a similar company.