3 Off-Road Accessories That Can Protect Your Vehicle

Taking your vehicle off-road can be a great amount of fun and can help you explore more of what nature has to offer, but it can also pose a significant risk to your vehicle. Listed below are three off-road accessories that can help you protect your vehicle while you are driving on rough terrain.

LED Light Bar

One of the easiest ways to protect your vehicle when driving off-road is to make sure that you can clearly see any potential obstacles. If you enjoy going on off-road excursions after dark, then you really need to consider an off road LED light bar. These bars are typically mounted to the top of your vehicle and will often provide a lot more illumination than your stock headlights, which makes it much less likely that you will drive your vehicle into a large enough obstacle to damage it while also helping you to spot and avoid wildlife. 

Skid Plates

Another item that you should consider to protect your off-road vehicle is a skid plate. Skid plates are pieces of metal that are attached to the underside of your vehicle to protect sensitive mechanical parts from rocks and other potential hazards. Depending on where the skid plates are attached to the underside of your vehicle, they can protect your engine, brake lines, fuel lines, and even your fuel tank. 

Locking Differential

Finally, you will want to consider a locking differential for your vehicle because it can prevent you and your vehicle from becoming stuck in the middle of nowhere. When you have a traditional differential on your vehicle, power from the engine will be routed to whichever wheel seems to be spinning the fastest in order to generate more traction. However, when that spinning wheel is stuck in snow, mud, sand, or on some other slick surface, the extra power won't really help you get unstuck.

However, a locking differential allows you to force the engine to supply equal power to all of your wheels regardless of how much they may be spinning. If one or more of your wheels are stuck on or in a slick substance, power will still be routed to the wheels that are not stuck, which will often provide enough traction to pull your vehicle free.  

Contact your local mechanic or auto supply store today in order to discuss which off-road accessories to consider that can help protect your vehicle. LED light bars, skid plates, and a locking differential are all great options that can help keep your vehicle in good shape when driving through rough terrain.