Orange Peel Paint Job: Why (And How) You Might Want To Get One For Your Car

In the world of auto paint, many car owners are trying to achieve a smooth and even balance to avoid the textural bumps of what is known as "orange peel paint." However, some are actually trying to achieve this look on their vehicle. Here's what you need to know about orange peel paint, why you might want this type of paint job, and how to achieve it. Why You Might Want Orange Peel Paint [Read More]

Protect Yourself And Your Car When Your Vehicle Stalls

A stalled vehicle is never a planned scenario. It's not only an event that happens when you least expect it, but it's also something that happens at the most inopportune time. Staying safe should be the first thing on your agenda when you find yourself in this type of predicament. Here are just a handful of tips to keep you and your car safe when your vehicle breaks down until help arrives. [Read More]

Consider These Advantages to Buying Winter Tires Before the Snow Flies

When winter approaches and you begin to think about driving in the ice and snow, you'll hopefully give some consideration to your car's tires. When you drive on all-season tires, it's easy to forgo the thought of upgrading to winter tires, especially given the fact that all-season tires' name indicates that they're acceptable for driving on throughout the year. The fact is, however, that all-season tires don't give you the same control and stopping distance as winter tires, and the lack of winter tires could lead to an accident if the road conditions are poor. [Read More]

Tips For Dealing With Auto Damage While Waiting On The Insurance Settlement

A car accident doesn't always result in a totaled vehicle. For a minor fender bender you may be able to drive the vehicle away from the scene. The problem occurs when you have to wait for repairs, either because you need to get estimates or because you are waiting on the insurance agent. If this is the case, the following tips can help you ensure your car is still safe to drive until you can get it fixed. [Read More]